Suntec Impuls 2.0 Eco R290 Air Conditioner
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Suntec Impuls 2.0 Eco R290 Air Conditioner

Ecological, mobile local air conditioner for rooms up to 60 m³.
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Rapid cooling on hot days: The higher specific cooling capacity of the R290 refrigerant contained means that you can cool particularly efficiently, cost-effectively and climate-neutrally in comparison to conventional refrigerants! Due to the closed refrigerant circuit, the R290 can be used permanently and does not have to be replaced. 2 ventilation levels ensure an air circulation of max. 380 m³ / h for an ideal distribution of the room air. In addition, the separate dehumidifier function extracts up to 1.0 l of water per hour. This prevents mold and prevents condensation - also ideal for efficient laundry drying in the living room.


Thanks to the natural coolant R290, which does not contain any toxins or pollutants, there is no environmental pollution and the air conditioner can be used for private use without hesitation. The coolant can be used permanently and does not have to be replaced.

3 IN 1 

In addition to the powerful cooling function, a dehumidifier and ventilation function is also integrated. The device can thus be used in a variety of ways throughout the year, e.g. at home as a clothes dryer.


Control is child's play with the easy-to-understand LED display or the practical remote control. As a further plus, the device has a temperature setting, a timer function and a silent slow mode to make your everyday life even easier.


Exhaust air hose with adapters, dust filter, window sliding bar, drainage hose, smooth-running rollers, remote control (excl. 2x AAA)


  • Suitable for rooms up to 60 m³ (~ 25 m²) *
  • 7,000 BTU / h (max. 2050 W), energy efficiency class A
  • Temperature setting (16-31 ° C)
  • 2 ventilation levels (max. 380 m³ / h)
  • Separate dehumidifier function (max. 1.0 l / h)
  • On and off timer (1-24 h) + sleep mode
  • Operating noise at full load max. 65 dB
  • Incl. Exhaust air hose with adapters, window sliding bar, drainage hose, remote control (excl. 2x AAA)

In addition to the room volume (in m³), other factors are decisive for the calculation of the cooling capacity. These include the spatial position (north / south / attic / basement / winter garden), insulating properties, the number and size of the windows as well as heat-emitting objects in the room (e.g. electrical appliances). SUNTEC offers mobile local air conditioners with different performance classes for every need (see table). The device is suitable for indoor use. As with all mobile air conditioning systems, operation is only possible with an exhaust hose. We recommend an ambient temperature of 10-35 ° C.

Art.No.: WESUN14260

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