Sanowell Scaneo ear and forehead thermometer

Sanowell Scaneo ear and forehead thermometer

Sanowell Scaneo ear and forehead thermometer for simple and fast measuring of body temperature
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Product information:

  • 3 devices in one. It can take the temperature in the ear and at the forehead and can show the ambient temperature aswell.
  • display of time
  • results of measurements can be seen within seconds
  • the device does not need a protective cap, thanks to the fact that the probe (not the device) is waterproof and easy to disinfect
  • precise high-speed measuring of temperature
  • automatic change between forehead- and ear measurement by removing the font covering
  • Certified according to MPG with CE 0483
  • comfortable use thanks to minimum weight and small measures
  • weight: 38g including the battery
  • measures: 23 x 34 x 111 mm (l x b x h)
  • battery durableness: approx. 500 measurements
  • 24 months guarantee
  • article no: 89000
  • EAN: 42 6004389 000 6

What is a normal blood heat?

The blood heat is controlled by the vegetative nervous system and sums up to 34,7 to 38,0 °C. Within this normal range the temperature can vary due to various factors. The measured blood heat depends on the part of the body where the temperature had been taken. Sport and any other kind of muscular effort can falsify the results. Every person has a specific norm temperature, which fluctuates over the day within the norm range. It can never be defined as a fixed temperature. The older we get the lower becomes our norm temperature.

Normal blood heat ranges for the different measure areas

  • rectal: 36,6 - 38,0 °C
  • oral: 35,5 - 37,5 °C
  • ear: 35,8 - 38,0 °C
  • armpit: 34,7 - 37,3 °C

At what time and in which intervals should the temperature be taken?

If your child does not feel fine you should take the temperature, to check whether it has a temperature. The measures should be repeated in regular intervals e.g. every hour to ensure whether it is a matter of a temporary increase or fever. With the help of notes it gets easier to keep track of.

Measurement of temperature at home

Several parts of the body are suited for the measurement of the blood heat. You can take your temperature at your armpit or mouth or rectal with the help of a digital or quicksilver thermometer. You also can determine your temperature at your forehead or in the ear. All these areas have different normal temperature ranges. Measuring in the ear is the most precisely method. You should make taking the temperature as comfortable for your child, as possible. Thanks to the sanowell Scaneo you take the temperature in the ear or at the forehead - completely gentle and within only a few seconds thanks to modern infra-red technology.

The functionality of the sanowell Scaneo thermometer

The sanowell® Scaneo thermometer measures the infra-red warmth emerged by the eardrum and the surrounding tissue, and displays the exact blood heat within only a few seconds. There is no risk of injury for your child thanks to the fact that the Scaneo is not run with glass or quicksilver and the risk of an infection can quasi be excluded thanks to the waterproof probe, which can de disinfected and cleaned with water. Furthermore the extremely short measure time at easily accessible body parts minimizes the exposure for your children. Like with any other method and instrument of measuring, a correct handling and an exact positioning are basic requirements to achieve precise results.

The ear of your child

The ear is a very reliable place to take the temperature of somebody, due to the fact that the blood circulation in the eardrum corresponds to the one in the "temperature-control-centre" in the brain. That is why the ear-temperature is an exact indicator for changes of the core blood heat.

Every mother worries about her sick child.

But there is one big sorrow that we can take away from you: With the sanowell Scaneo you will take your child's temperature so fast and gentle, that it won't even realise it. Art.No.: WEHF89000

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