Sage Precision Brewer Thermal stainless steel
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Sage Precision Brewer Thermal stainless steel

The world's first 1.8 litre filter machine with the technology and precision needed to automatically brew craft quality filter coffee.
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The world‘s first 1.8-liter filter coffee machine with the technology and precision needed to automatically brew filter-grade filter coffee. Enjoy your favorite coffee from its best side. Regardless of origin, age or roasting, the Sage Precision Brewer finds the right temperature and brewing time.

Automatic, customizable presets: Pamper yourself with the perfect, harmonious coffee, just the way you like it, thanks to 6 unique brewing modes. The craft coffee movement has arrived at home: with a range of different filters, the taste and aroma can be adapted to the tastes of the most demanding coffee lovers. By default, you can choose from Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, and Cold Brew modes. Coffee lovers can further customize the taste by changing their swelling time, flow rate and brewing temperature, or prepare a classic pourover with an adapter and the coffee filter holder of their choice.

Precisely customizable temperature controlGreat coffee with precise control of temperature, flow rate and exposure time

1. PID Control: Fully customizable, high-precision temperature settings bring out the full flavor and make your coffee a revelation.

2. Pump: Choice of 3 different throughput speeds for optimal brewing results 3. Thermo coil heating system: The thermo coil supplies purer water than conventional brewing systems with aluminum.

Gold Cup Standard: In the Gold Cup preset, the Sage Precision Brewer ™ automatically adjusts the water temperature and brewing time to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Small Cup ™ Detection: Detecting Small Cups and Automatic Brewing Valve: Sage‘s patent pending Steep & Release brew valve keeps the water in contact with coffee when brewing small amounts of coffee without a can.

MyBrew Setting: Allows you to precisely adjust parameters such as swelling time, brewing temperature, and flow rate to suit your coffee requirements to bring out fruity, floral, or earthy notes.

Two strainer inserts: brew coffee to your taste, and as much as you like: cone and basket filters are included.


  • 6 preset modes incl. Gold Cup
  • Precise and customizable PID temperature control
  • Small Cup™ Detection und „Steep & Release“-Technologie
  • Two sieve inserts - cone and basket filters
  • Fits the pouring adapter of your choice
  • Precisely customizable temperature control Water temperature adjustable between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius according to the guidelines of SCA
  • PID temperature controlThe thermal heating coil and the pump system have digital PID temperature control. The associated adaptability and precision exceed conventional systems with horseshoe-shaped elements.
  • Small Cup ™ Detection and "Steep & Release": This innovative feature controls how long coffee has contact with water and is used to brew individual cups up to 500ml or when preparing Cold Brew.
  • Two sieve inserts: cone and basket filter included
  • Settings: Gold Cup, Fast, Strong Brew, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, My Brew
  • Mains voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Capacity: 1.8 l / 12 cups
  • Capacity of the water tank: 1.8 l / 12 cups
  • Dimensions: 17 cm x 31 cm x 40 cm
  • Pitchers type:
      • SDC400: glass jug
      • SDC450: Thermos

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