Return prorelax 41540 Manicure-Pedicure-Set perfect

Return prorelax 41540 Manicure-Pedicure-Set perfect

Bring your finger- and toenail in perfect shape.
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Perfect hands and feet with the nail care set from Prorelax. It´s not just women who care about looking good these days - men do too. And when it comes to your appearance, looking after your hands and feet is most important. With the Prorelax Manicure-Pedicure Set Perfect, you can use up-to-the-minute, professional nail care technology conveniently and discretely. At home and on the move. The set gives you everything you need to remove horny skin, calluses, corns and hyperkeratosis perfectly. To do this, you can use the accessory for maintaining, trimming and shaping your nails. The micro-motor - dynamic and quiet. The Manicure-Pedicure Set Perfect´s small yet powerful micro-motor is pleasantly quiet and impresses with its right or left rotation. Its rotational speed can be smoothly increased or reduced - just as you prefer (from 2,000 to 5,400 U/min). The micro-motor gets its power via a transformer, which is powered easily by a socket. So, you can work at full power for as long as you like. Sapphire-coated accessories for all applications. The unit comes with 5 high-quality, sapphire-coated, surgical steel accessories. These can be sterilised with a small brush and pure alcohol (70 - 90 %), which prevents fungi and viruses reproducing. So, the whole family can use the set. Replacing accessories is easy since the unit has an automatic plug-in connection. To insert an attachment, you must plug in the desired attachment and turn it slightly; and when replacing it, you only have to pull it forwards. Uses for the 5 accessories Accessories also available separately. Felt cone: Polishes away protruding nail particles, massages the nails in addition. Fine-grained sapphire cone: Files away the hard skin around plantar warts and corns. Fine-grained sapphire disc: Trims and shapes fingernails and toenails. Regular use makes the nails stronger and so they break less. Flame milling cutter: Removes dead skin on the sides of the nails, especially on the toes. Cylindrical milling cutter: Files down thick toenail surfaces. Convenient: You can order additional attachments for a wide variety of applications. Additional accessories. The unit also has a reliable dust protector that collects skin debris and nail dust. This makes using it even more convenient and hygienic. And the handy bag with zip makes sure you can carry it about safely.


  • For the perfect care, trimming and shaping of your nails - Suitable for diabetics
  • Ideal for at home and when travelling - Removes horny skin, calluses, corns, hyperkeratosis
  • Variable speed control from 2,000 to 5,400 U/min
  • Can be sterilised with alcohol, prevents fungi and viruses
  • All attachments available separately as accessories - 2-year warranty
Art.No.: WELGX41540VR

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