prorelax Shiatsu Comfort Massage Seat Pad
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prorelax Shiatsu Comfort Massage Seat Pad

You can enjoy a soothing shiatsu massage without going to a massage therapist.
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It is always ready for use and relaxes the muscles with a powerful Shiatsu massage (finger pressure massage) along the spine. Ideal for a relaxing massage, which relaxes the tense back area after a hard day or sports activities and vitalises body and mind. Two massage heads and two massage fingers work for the total Shiatsu comfort feeling. The prorelax massage seat cover Comfort has two Shiatsu massage heads and two Shiatsu massage fingers that rotate in pairs with vertical movements. In addition, the support offers 2 massage zones for the upper and lower back. The zones can be operated individually or in combination. In both versions the massage heads and massage fingers move up and down the back in a very pleasant way. Due to the extra narrow back housing of only 3.2 cm, the massage seat cover of prorelax offers sufficient seat depth, a good back support and can be used on all chairs and sofas. Skin-friendly material and best quality for a comfortable Shiatsu massage experience. The massage pad is equipped with a light, breathable Comfort fabric in Gentle design. The permeable material is pleasant on the skin and ensures good air circulation between the clothing and the massage surface. The support can be optimally fixed to a backrest with flexible fastening straps. Comfortable operation is provided by the massage control panel, which can also be used to activate the effective warming function, which additionally relaxes the muscles. Once you have set the individual desired programme, the control unit disappears into the practical side pocket so that the focus is completely on the massage unit without any disturbing influences. After a maximum of 15 minutes of use, there is also an automatic switch-off function. The weight of the support is approx. 2.6 kg, the dimensions of the back part are approx. 70 x 41 cm, the seat has a size of approx. 38 x 42 cm.

Whats is Shiatsu?

Shiastu is relaxation for body and soul. The translation is called "finger pressure" and combines acupressure and massage. Shiatsu is based on Chinese medicine and is a recognized therapy in Japan, in which a masseur exerts pressure on parts of the body with fingers and palms. This method stimulates the relevant meridians, releases muscle blockages and allows the body energy (the chi) to flow freely again.


  • Skin-friendly seat pad for a relaxing back massage
  • Powerful Shiatsu massage along the spine
  • 2 Shiatsu massage heads
  • 2 Shiatsu massage fingers
  • Bright, modern design
  • Extra light seat pad for easy use
  • 2 massage zones
  • Switchable light and heat function
  • 5/10/15-minute timer
  • Massage control panel for easy operation
  • Extra narrow back housing with sufficient seat depth and backrest
  • Flexible fastening straps
  • power cords
  • 2 years warranty
Art.No.: WEEMSPROPX53387

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