prorelax 94039 TENS + EMS Super Duo
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prorelax 94039 TENS + EMS Super Duo

Pain relieving or relaxation and training of muscles
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As prorelax 94039, but with extensive therapy Accessories: 4 reusable electrode pads, 2 large butterfly electrode pads, 1 therapy belt, 1 arm sleeve.

Modern technology in a new design. Dual functionality in one device.

The highlight of the prorelax TENS + EMS series prorelax 85835 TENS + EMS Super Duo comes in a new design and with improved digital technology. On the one side it can effectively fight pain with the TENS function, on the other side muscles can be trained and constructed by the onboard training programs.

For significantly better readability a large display with lightblue backlight and large characters is used. Moreover form and operation are as simple and comfortable as possible to make the usage particularly easy.

TENS function

Chronic pain, especially concerning the back, is reduced by the natural TENS function (Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) of the prorelax Super Duo. With the help of low frequency and high intensity electrical stimuli are delivered to the skin. These stimulate the pain control system in the brain. In response, the body produces endogenous pain reliever.

Additionaly, this treatment stimulates blood circulation. Thus muscles relax and the metabolism and endocrine system are boosted.

EMS function

The versatile of the EMS function (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) does not provide only muscle training. The way these electrical impulses work can even be used as a wellness effect, fat reduction and relaxation. Energy requirements increase and fat cells are burned by muscle contraction induced by the electrical stimulation. The interplay of tension and relaxation leads to progressive muscle building.

  • Relaxation of muscle spasm
  • Muscle training
  • Preventing or delaying atrophy secondary to inactivity
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion


  • High quality top model with new digital technology
  • Effective therapy to relieve pain and muscle tension
  • 2 effective therapy modes for double effect
  • Designed ergonomically
  • New digital technology
  • Improved programs
  • Large display with lightblue backlight
  • Large bztton for easy operation
  • 8 programs + 1 programmable programm per mode
  • 12-stage timer, intensity and treatment time can be set
  • Completely with 1 clip holder, 4 reusable electrode pads, 2 large butterfly electrode pads, 1 therapy belt, 1 arm sleeve, 3 AAA batteries 1.5V, 2 cables, 1 storage bag

Art.No.: WEEMSPRO94039

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