prorelax 41243 BodyTrainerActive

prorelax 41243 BodyTrainerActive

Innovative Circulation-Stimulation for Body and Feeds.
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The prorelax Body Trainer Active makes you fit to face daily life in two ways. This innovative device from prorelax gives you the unique facility to carry out two beneficial treatments in one go. 1. The movement of the foot pedals with integrated TENS function relieves pain and peps up the circulation, just like when climbing stairs or walking fast. This exercise helps overcome tired, swollen legs and feet. Furthermore, the device strengthens the muscles of the legs, improves flexibility and relieves cramps. 2. The stimulation current electrodes for the body relieve obstinate, chronic pain, for example, in the back, through the action of the TENS function; the EMS function serves for electric stimulation and strengthening the muscles. The Body Trainer Active has two large pedals whose angle can be adjusted. They are moved with the feet, which contracts the muscles of the feet and the lower leg and relaxes them. This improves blood circulation, relaxes tired legs and feet and reduces swelling. At the same time, this use is a movement therapy for more flexible ankles that is recommended by physicians.

The Body Trainer Active allows comfortable use while sitting, at home and while on the road. This high-quality device has been clinically tested and thanks to 3 different programs, is very flexible (1 program for the body, 2 programs for foot stimulation). The programs have 15 treatment phases with intervals of 5 to 90 minutes. The legs and the body can be treated separately or together. The remote control with its practical design has a large display with big numbers and letters. Operation is possible with a mains plug or with batteries.


  • Foot pedal trainer, 2 electrode pads, connection cable, power plug, remote control, 3 batteries (AAA, 1.5V), multilingual user manual
  • High-quality pedal trainer for revitalizing the body and feet
  • Unique: dual stimulation through pedal movement and stimulation current electrodes
  • Certified as medical device Device compliant with CE 0197
  • Also ideal for people with diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, reduced mobility or muscle weakness
  • Relief of pain
  • For tired, swollen legs and feet
  • Strengthens the leg muscles and relieves cramps
  • Boosts the circulation
  • TENS function relieves persistent, chronic pain
  • EMS function for electrical muscle stimulation
  • Treatment intervals of 5 to 90 minutes
  • Legs and body can be treated individually or together
  • Convenient use in sit
  • Clinically tested
  • Remote control with large display
  • Operation with mains plug or with batteries
Art.No.: WEH41243

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