SunCounter UV-Warning Device
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SunCounter UV-Warning Device

SunCounter with sunburn alarm function.
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Enjoy staying in the sun with the intelligent and easy to use SunCounter with high quality UV-sensor and audio sunburn alarm-function.

The SunCounter can be used everywhere and is very easy to handle. The instrument can be carried with a band around the neck.
With this intelligent and easy to use unit with the high quality UV-sensor the user can stay in the sun very safe even if the UV-index is high. The Sunburn Alarm-Function can effectively be used to prevent sun burn. The accumulated UV-doses in % will be shown and if 100% are reached an acoustical signal appears as a signal to stop tanning. Using the SunCounter can make a contribution to avoid sun burns, risks of early skin aging and increased risk of skin cancer.

Switch on the unit
By a little longer pressing of the ON/OFF button the instrument can be switched on. An acoustical signal appeared and the display can be activated. Afterwards the following adjustments/measurements can be carried out.
Measure UV Index and ambient temperature
  • The SunCounter should be laid down under sunshine that the lens is directly facing the sun.
  • The Meas./Adj. button has to be pressed for 2 seconds until the Sun sign and Temperature reading are flashing, then the Meas./Adj. Button has to bereleased.
  • After 3 seconds the sun sign is gone and temperature reading stop flashing. The UV Index and temperature can be read now.
Technical specifications and further features
  • Indication of the UV Indexes from 0 - 15
  • Sun-Protection-Factor (SPF) from 0 99 simple adjustable
  • Exposure % Sunburn Alarm: Counting Exposure % and Time left for safety exposure based on UVI taken and preset SPF value and skin type. Sunburn alarm while reaching 100% or Time left for safety exposure reaching 0
  • Skin Type Selection from type 1 to 4. Type 1 is the most sensitive to UV light
  • Ambient temperature taking, °F / °C
  • Dimensions of the SunCounter: 59 H x 32 W x 14 D mm
  • Weight: approx. 30 gram with battery
  • High quality UV-sensor which measures from 280 400 nm (area UVA + UVB) designed with advance UV detecting technology according to WHO standard
  • Operating with a 3 Volt Battery (CR2016)
  • CE-mark

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