OMRON M400 (HEM-7134-D) with Intelli Wrap Cuff Upper Arm Blo

OMRON M400 (HEM-7134-D) with Intelli Wrap Cuff Upper Arm Blo

Upper arm blood pressure monitor with 360° accuracy through innovative Intelli Wrap cuff
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OMRON M400 is a clinical validated and awarded upper arm blood pressure monitor with an extra precise intelli wrap cuff (22-42 cm) , which is characterized by 360° accuracy. It reduces errors, which are mostly happen because of incorrect positioning of the cuff. The preformed cuff can be applied with one hand, which makes the blood pressure measurement more easily. On a LED-color display, the blood pressure is shown. To identify risks for heart attack and stroke early, the blood pressure measurement at home can be helpful. In addition it detects irregular heartbeats and OMRON‘s own intellisense technology for quick and gentle measurement without inflating the cuff too far is also integrated. A LED-cuff control confirm the correct position on the arm and the device also detects body movements during measurement. Furthermore there are each 60 memory locations for 2 users offered and the device calculates the average of 3 consecutive measurements within 10 minutes. As one of the few manufacturers OMRON allows voluntarily additional validation tests by independent international organizations.


  • Intelli Wrap cuff: 360° accuracy in any position around the upper arm
  • LED color display for easy reading and clear interpretation of the blood pressure value
  • Recognition of irregular heartbeats
  • Protective measurement and short measuring time by intellisense TM-technology
  • Reliable measurement through cuff control
  • Detects body movements during measurement
  • averaging
  • clinical valided
  • display: LCD digital display
  • measurement method: oscillometric measurement
  • blood pressure measuring range: 0-299 mmHg
  • pulse: 40-180 beats/min, pulse +5 % of the shown value
  • accuracy: blood pressure: +3 mmgHg
  • inflation: with electric pump and fuzzy logic control system
  • deflation: automatic pressure release valve
  • power supply: 4 x 1,5V batteries typ AA or power adapter (6V 4W)
  • battery life: new batteries will approximately last for 1000 measurements
  • Operating/Humidity: +10°C to 40° C; 30% up to maximal 85% relative humidity
  • storage temperature/humdity: -20° C to 60° C; 10% up to maximum 95% relative humidity; 700-1060 hPa
  • weight: 300g without batteries, cuff approximately 163g
  • external dimensions machine: about 107mm (B) x 79mm (H) x 141mm (D)

Art.No.: WEBDOM4003

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