Olivenbriketts Original barbecue briquettes 2x 2,5 kg

Olivenbriketts Original barbecue briquettes 2x 2,5 kg

Ecologically perfect grill briquettes, 4 hours grill time, 700°C
Delivery time 1 - 3 days


5 kg package consisting of 2x 2.5 kg
Inspired by the traditional Italian stone oven pizzeria, which cherishes olive kernels for their special roast aromas and high heat value (much higher than beech and oak woods), we take this unique natural product and combine it with the powerful energy of high-purity carbon concentrate. Using this unique process, protected by the German Patent Office, we create a barbecue briquette of unrivalled quality - *guided by Oscar Wilde‘s motto:

"I am a man of simple tastes: I am always satisfied with the best"

From the ecological viewpoint, it‘s particularly worth mentioning that no trees are felled in the production of the olive briquettes. Naturally we don‘t use tropical wood or any other protected wood species for our olive briquettes. The barbecue briquettes consist of high-purity carbon concentrate and unadulterated, granulated olive kernels. Due to their high density, they have a particularly long burning time. Olive briquettes: Designed, developed and produced in the heart of the Volcanic Eifel.

Product details

  • Extra long barbecue time - up to 4 hours (tested in a closed grill system)
  • High temperature - up to 700°C - reached in the ignition chimney after approx. 35 min.
  • No unpleasant odor - as carbon content< 80%
  • Uniform briquetting of the briquettes - perfect grilling results
  • Light sparkling spray & crackling fire experience
  • Original barbecue pleasure & characterful flavors
  • Fragrance of herbs and wood
  • 100% free of tropical, primeval and other woods worthy of protection. No tree fell for this product.

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