MosQuit Insect Bite Healer
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Insect Bite Healer MosQuit - The thermo electronic device for the treatment of insect bites
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For the mosquito-season the itch relief MosQuit is a very desired help by mosquito bites within a few seconds.


  • MosQuit is a High-Tech device, provided with intelligent, electronic components.
  • Within a few seconds the unit can successfully prevent or considerably alleviate itching, swelling and the hazard of infection as a result of midge, mosquito and horsefly bites in up to 95% of the cases.
  • The optimal heat of approx. 45 C (lower temperature range) or approx. 50 C (higher temperature range) is reached very fast. The MosQuit can be used several times in series without a rest. The optimal duration for the use can be observed very easily with the help of the acoustic signals of the unit.
  • To the scope of delivery belongs a detailed user manual, but not the 9 V compound battery.

Dimensions (HxWXD): 9 x 5 x 4 cm
Weight: 30 gram, without battery

The procedure is based on the natural physical effect of concentrated heat. The local thermic treatment of the puncture after the bite does take place with a temperature of approx. 45 C. Thereby a decomposement in the upper skin layer of the inserted protein molecules of the insect poison can be reached. The heating surface of the MosQuit, which is located below the mouth nose, will be kept for approx. 3 - 5 seconds at the puncture.

The MosQuit can be used very easy and safe. To reach an optimal effect please proceed as follows:

  • Press the blue button below the LED for one time to select the lower temperature range of approx. 45 C for children or adults with sensitive skin. Press this button twice to activate the higher temperature range of approx. 50 C for adults with normal skin.
  • MosQuit heats up. After reaching the application temperature the LED glows constantly and the unit gives an acoustic signal at intervals of about 1 second for the duration of the application.
  • The heating surface, which is located under the mouse nose, has now to be pressed on the puncture.
  • MosQuit has to be hold easily impressed during the application.
  • The treatment time can be defined with the acoustical signalling of the unit. It should take approx. 5 seconds for adults with normal skin or 3 seconds for children or adults with sensitive skin.
  • The treatment can be stopped at every time you like if you withdraw the MosQuit from the puncture.
  • MosQuit can not further increase the temperature. So there is no danger of stronger skin redness.

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