Lumie Glow 150 Alarm Clock
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Lumie Glow 150 Alarm Clock

Lumie Bodyclock 30 Starter - the perfect introduction to waking up with light
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Lumie Bodyclock wakes you up very gradually with light that imitates a real sunrise. The brightening light wakes you up naturally and signals your body that it is time to reduce the production of sleep hormones such as melatonin and increase the production of cortisol, which makes you feel more alert. This helps people who suffer from SAD and winter blues get a fantastic start to the day, and helps those who have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning to feel more awake and active when they get up. Lumie Bodyclock comes with a number of additional features that help you sleep better and wake up more easily. From Lumie, the light therapy specialist and inventor of the Light Alarm Clock, it mimics the colors of a real sunrise and sunset using mixed LEDs and also serves as a dimmable all-purpose bedroom light.

Product details:

  • Medical device class I (corresponds to the directive 93/42/EEC)
  • automatic wake-up
  • Adjustable sunrise Luminous intensity for a soft or bright sunrise
  • Selection of 10 sleep/ wake-up sounds: Beep, tropical birds, blackbird, cafe, goats, steam train, thunderstorm, waves, crickets, white noise (in case of tinnitus or noise sensitivity)
  • completely dimmable bedside lamp
  • nightlight option to dim light that remains at a low level
  • light sensitive automatic dimming display
  • touch-sensitive snooze button
  • power failure backup
Art.No.: WELTLG150

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