Korona Iceberg 7.0 ECO air conditioning
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Korona Iceberg 7.0 ECO air conditioning

Mobile local air conditioner with cooling capacity for rooms up to approx. 60m³
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Good air for your home

Sleepless nights due to hot temperatures will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Iceberg 7.0 Eco from Korona. With a cooling capacity of 2060 watts, which corresponds to 7000 BTU, it cools down rooms with approx. 25 m² to pleasant comfortable temperatures. Thanks to the low-noise operation with approx. 65 decibels, it is not only suitable for living rooms but also for bedrooms. Would you like to cool several rooms? -No problem, thanks to the existing castors, the device can be easily moved despite its weight. With the easy-to-use LCD remote control, the desired temperature can be intuitively and continuously set between 16 - 31 ° C.

In order to support you perfectly in your everyday life, the Iceberg 7.0 Eco has a 24-hour timer that ensures that you can return to a pleasantly air-conditioned apartment at any time.

With the new product group of air conditioners, Korona electric enables flexible air conditioning of rooms of various sizes. The mobile, local air conditioning units also have a dehumidification and ventilation function and are therefore very versatile.

Air-conditioned rooms for well-being for the whole family:

Iceberg 7.0 Eco - cooling

Hot temperatures that won't let you sleep at night will soon be a thing of the past with the Iceberg 7.0 Eco from Korona! Thanks to the 7000 BTU strong air conditioning unit, rooms up to 25 m² are comfortably air-conditioned.

Iceberg 7.0 Eco - dehumidifying

A pleasant room climate includes not only the perfect temperature but also the optimal air humidity. For example, mold can be prevented. Regardless of the room temperature, the air conditioner also dehumidifies rooms that are used for drying clothes.

Iceberg 7.0 Eco - ventilation

To ensure efficient air conditioning, the air conditioner also has a ventilation function that distributes the air evenly in the rooms.

Our air conditioning units are powered by the purely natural coolant R290. Compared to other refrigerants, the hydrocarbon refrigerant has a higher specific refrigeration capacity due to its thermodynamic properties and thus a higher efficiency, which contributes to environmentally friendly and particularly efficient use. All air conditioning units from Korona have been awarded energy efficiency class A.


  • Versatile - 3 in 1: cooling, dehumidifying and ventilation: nominal output 792 watts, cooling output 2060 watts (7000 BTU)
  • Powerful - Suitable for room sizes of approx. 60 m³, corresponds to approx. 25 m²
  • Stepless temperature setting - the temperature can be set individually between 16 - 31 ° C
  • Low noise - around 65 dB is measured in normal operation. In addition, the air conditioner has a sleep function in which the volume can be significantly reduced
  • The LCD remote control or the LED display of the device make operation very easy. Whether temperature or timer function, you can intuitively operate the device quickly and easily.
  • Accessories: including aluminum hose (approx.1.5m), LCD remote control for easy control (excl. Batteries), climate sail, window slide bar and drainage hose

Equipment and function::

  • Stepless temperature controller 16 - 31 °
  • LED display
  • 24 H timer function
  • LCD remote control (excluding batteries)
  • including exhaust hose (1.5 m)
  • Water tank (capacity 0.8l / h)
  • Smooth-running rollers on the housing base for easy movement
  • Drainage hose for permanent condensate drainage
  • Window sash and climate sail for convenient attachment

Technical specifications:

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Room size up to approx. 60 m³, which corresponds to approx. 25 ²
  • Rated power 792 watts
  • Cooling capacity 7000 BTU (2060 watts)
  • Coolant: R290
  • Consumption: approx. 0.8 kW / h
  • Efficiency value (EER): 2.6
  • Noise level: 65 dB
  • 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz, 792 watts
  • Protection class I
  • 2 year warranty

Art.No.: WELKOR82000

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