Innolux Mesa Mega LED Tageslichtlampe
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Innolux Mesa Mega LED Tageslichtlampe

Die Mesa Mega LED Tageslichtlampe mit 85 W und Dimmer
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Defeat your winter blues with the very user-friendly and efficient Mesa Mega LED light therapy device with dimmer. Whether at home or in the office, the Mesa Mega is versatile. The light therapy device can also be hung aesthetically on the wall.

Light therapy has been used for some time to help combat the so-called winter blues. Light therapy devices that simulate daylight provide an effective light shower through which you can prevent fatigue, insomnia, listlessness or increased appetite or eliminate these symptoms during the dark season. The cause of a change in mood in autumn and winter is in many cases simply light-related. Due to the shorter days, our organism is hardly exposed to enough sunlight in everyday life. As a result, the body reacts to the increased perception of darkness with increased melatonin secretion. This sleep hormone then causes us to feel tired and listless during the day as well and actually long for hibernation. The winter blues can also develop into depression and should therefore not be underestimated.

With light therapy, more and more people are managing the symptoms caused by the dark winter. Using a light therapy lamp is a pleasant form of self-treatment. Light therapy can be used to keep the sleep-wake rhythm stable, as well as many other rhythms of the human internal clock. It offers help with waking problems and fills the power resources for our everyday vitality.

Product details:

  • 85 watt LED with dimmer
  • Filter pane satin
  • Lighting intensity: 10000/5000/2500 lux
  • Treatment distance: 70/105/140 cm
  • Treatment time: 30/60/120 min
  • Colour temperature of the light: 4,000 K (pure white)
  • UV filter
  • A product of INNOLUX, CE 0434
  • Power supply: 230V~50Hz
  • Size (H x W x D) 63.5 x 40.5 x 11 cm; 5.5 kg
  • Housing: stove-enamelled sheet steel; plastic

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