HumanCharger Light Headset

HumanCharger, Valkee, Valkee2, Light Headset, Mini Light box

HumanCharger light headset-light therapy through the ear-directly to the light-sensitive parts of the brain.

Use of HumanCharger light headset is based by the method to apply light via the ear canal directly to the brain. A treatment of 8-12 minutes several times a week is sufficient for a good effect.

HumanCharger directs bright light into the light-sensitive regions of the brain. Clinical studies show that the light healed 9 out of 10 people who suffered from serious forms of seasonal affective depression, ("winter depression")- a revolutionary result.

To achieve the best possible personal success, the treatment time can be changed by the included PC-software.The best effects also depents on the time of the treatment a day.>/p>

Advantage of HumanCharger light headsets: Effective: The users of HumanCharger reports improvements of all typical symptoms of seasonal affective depression: The energy increases, the demand for carbohydrates is less and the need for sleep decreases. Time-saving: The use of 6-12 minutes is enough to replace the needed daily dose of light. Purposeful:The light directly conveys through the ear canal (there the skull is thinnest) to the area where its mostly needed-the brain. Natural and safe: HumanCharger increases the light supply of the brain. The application is safe and a natural way to increase your energy level. Mobil: You can use HumanCharger wherever you want. HumanCharger is very small, so you could use it while driving to work in the morning.

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