ERKA Erkaphon Duo Black Stethoscope for children

ERKA Erkaphon Duo Black Stethoscope for children

Children Stethoscope with a small double-headed chest-piece for perfect child auscultation
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Children deserve the highest level of care. ERKA paediatric stethoscopes are particularly high quality stethoscopes and were specifically designed for smaller bodies. The small double-head chest-piece is optimally suited to the auscultation of children. The open bell side is specially designed for low frequencies and the membrane side for the entire frequency spectrum.

User groups:

Specialists in infant medicine, paediatricians


  • The pre-tensioned ERKA convex membrane provides excellent resonance and sound transmission.
  • Highly polished and chromed for a non-porous surface, the brass chest-piece can be cleaned perfectly and quickly for maximum surface hygiene.
  • To ensure that the ears receive interference-free transmission of signals recorded at the chest-piece, the spring was not integrated into the tube channel.
  • The ergonomically shaped and individually adjustable headset guarantees an optimal fit.
  • The soft ear tips fit ideally into the ear canal and thus minimise the influx of external noise.
  • The standard 15° inclined binurals can be individually adapted to the ear canal characteristics of the user.


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