Davita SkinLight SL UVA/UVB-Flood Light
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Davita SkinLight SL UVA/UVB-Flood Light

DAVITA SkinLight SL UVA/UVB-Flood Light for full-body treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo and also osteoporosis prophylaxis
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DAVITA SkinLight SL UVA/UVB>-3,3% >Flood Light for full-body >treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis and vitiligo and also >osteoporosis prophylaxis with dermal browning in the dermatological clinic, the doctor´s surgery or at home.>
In case of psoriasis there is a metabolic disorder of the outer skin layers, causing an increased production and  scaling. UV-therapy has a growth-inhibiting effect and can stop this disorder.
Allergic diseases, such as dermatitis, are caused by overactive immune systems. UV-light has the capability of soothing the immune system in the outer skin layers.
In case of vitiligo, UV-light therapy is capable of stimulating the pigment-making cells of the skin (or melanocytes) to produce the pigment melanin. Melanin is, hereby, transferred to the surrounding skin cells which change into darker colour and make the skin look darker.
UV-light therapy additionally stimulates the production of vitamin D3. Vitamin D plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium and is known for its positive effect on bone structure.>
The SkinLight SL UV-Flood light UVA/UVB->3,3%> is optimized for the whole body irradiation in standing, laying or sitting position.
The flood light is mounted on a integrated, moveable floor stand on wheels, the height is adjustable and the flood light can be swivelled up to 180°.
With the means of the electronic timer the exact dosing of the irradiation can be assured.
The powerful unit allows short treatment times with very low heat absorption.>
Indications are also eczema, acne, polymorphic light dermatosis>>
  • Space-saving storage capability in the vertical position>
  • Low operational costs>
  • Treatment duration according to doctors specification
UVA-spectrum: 315 - 400 nm>
Lighting power: 7 x 100 Watts
Dimensions: >H= 195 cm, W= 85 cm, D= 65 cm>
Weight: 50 kg
Mains: 230 - 240~ Volt , 50 - 60 Hz>

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