Davita LD 110 Light Box
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The Light Box Davita LD 110 will not be available this winter season. We recommend the Innosol Lucia Mega Dim Light Therapy Lamp, Art.No.: WELTINLU
Not available this season. Alternative: Art.No.: WELTINLU

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Lighting power up to 10.000 Lux!
Daily treatment duration: 1 hour in 45 cm distance from the light box
The LD 110 is the comfortable light box, which allows light therapy treatment in a distance of 45 cm with a scientifically proven and medically efficacious light intensity of 5.000 Lux. For treatment of:
  • SAD (winter depression)
  • Premenstrual Syndrom (PMS)
  • Sleep disorders 
The product has been awarded and recommended for effective home therapy of SAD i.e. by the "DAILY MAIL" and the German consumer product testing organisation "STIFTUNG WARENTEST".
The "Daily Mail" rated the LD 110 under 9 brands the best light therapy unit with 9 of 10 points!
Housing: Robust plastic cabinet
Dimensions: H= 61 cm; W= 35 cm; D= 11,5 cm
Weight: 3,9 kg

Lighting power:
10.000 Lux in distance of circa 30 cm
5.000 Lux in distance of circa 45 cm
2.500 Lux in distance of circa 65 cm
Recommended treatment duration:
0,5 hours at 10.000 Lux (30 cm)
1,0 hour at 5.000 Lux (45 cm)
2,0 hours at 2.500 Lux (65 cm)
Lamps: 110 Watts 
Energy cost: < 0,02 Euro/hour
Timer: Stepless presetting of the therapy duration between 0 and 120 minutes
Electronic ballast: Instant starting, flicker free light, no stroboscopic effects. Buzz free operation. 
The selection of lighting sources and light filter reduces the energy of light emitted in the Infrared and UV range to a minimum level, so it is harmless for human skin and eyes.
Mains: 220-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz
certified medical product according EN 60601, CE 0123
DAVITA light boxes for successful light therapy
The strong illumination level of the devices allow short duration of the daily treatment in a comfortable distance to the light box, sitting or lying down, i.e. when necessary to use in combination with other therapies. DAVITA light boxes are made in Germany, consist of a robust housing with a mains cable. A detailed manual is included.

Application: During the one hour therapy the eyes of the user should be in a distance of approx. 50 cm to the glass of the unit. The user should, once per minute, look directly into the lighting source for a few seconds.

  • seasonal depression (SAD), the so-called winter depression
  • various kinds of sleep disorders
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Winter depression (SAD) is more than just "feeling a bit down". It has indeed to do with a quantitative change in the level of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain which influence our levels of activity, our feelings and our well-being. Between 10 and 20% of the population in Central and Northern Europe suffer from winter depression.
A notable characteristic of winter depression is that the depressive phases return at regular intervals, mainly in the dark seasons between October and March - thus the name "winter depression".
Sufferers experience various symptoms including (but not limited to) the following:
  • lack of motivation
  • depressive mood
  • weight gain
  • increased need for sleep
Sufferers can profit from a light therapy using the DAVITA light boxes. The healing effect of the light can be seen even within a short period of time. An initial improvement of the symptoms of the illness can be seen within just a few days. The full effect - a sensation of ease, peace and energy - is usually experienced after approximately two weeks. You feel good - and everyone can see it!
Sleep disorders/disorder of the sleep-wake pattern
These days, many people live and work surrounded by artificial light of a relatively low intensity, for example approximately 500 lux. This may be light enough for our eyes to be able to see but for our brain it remains night. We need at least 2,500 lux in order to positively influence the hormones and neurotransmitters in our brain.
The consequence: the rhythm occurring naturally in the body is not in harmony with the day/night rhythm of the majority of the population. Millions of people experience this in a way whereby their normal performance levels are somehow impaired and day to day problems occur more and more often.
People who suffer from an irregular sleep-wake-pattern are often so tired during the day that they have to sleep and then, as a result, are unable to sleep at night.
The extreme are night people - "owls"- who suffer from delayed sleep-phases; they cannot get to sleep until long after midnight. They therefore feel the next day that they have not had enough sleep; they feel tired for a long period of time and do not become active until the afternoon.
The extreme morning people - "larks" - torment themselves with advanced sleep-phases. They go to bed in the early evening and get up very early the next morning. "Larks" have problems because they become too tired too early in the evening and awake at an extremely early hour the following morning.
Shift-workers and travellers between the continents and time zones can also say a thing or two about disorders of the sleep-wake-pattern (jet lag syndrome).
With light therapy using DAVITA light boxes it is now possible to considerably alleviate the disorders of the sleep-wake-pattern and the resulting negative effects.
Having had a good night’s sleep and being concentrated - DAVITA light boxes can help you.
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in case of "the days before the days"
More than half of all women over 30 years of age suffer from considerable physical and psychological complaints approximately 1 week before the period commences, which include (but are not limited to):
  • mood disorders
  • irritability
  • no "get up and go"
  • various pains
This symptom is popularly called "the days before the days" and the scientific term for it is premenstrual syndrome. The women affected often become considerably restricted in their normal lifestyles. However, relatively few women visit their doctor or consider premenstrual syndrome to be an illness. They mistakenly believe that these disorders of their normal states of health are just part of "being a woman".
However, this attitude is neither correct nor sensible. The women concerned could help themselves - and without medication. One way of helping themselves is the light therapy with DAVITA light boxes.
Remain energetic and in a good mood - even on the crucial "days before the days".
DAVITA light boxes can help you.
Art.No.: WELTDA110

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