BeautyLite BL100 Collagen Light Therapy Device
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BeautyLite BL100 Collagen Light Therapy Device

treats acne successfully and is for anti- Aging application with folds, purify lines and age marks with 37 colours of Hi-Tech Super Bright LEDs, application time 15 min.
Delivery time 1 - 3 days

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The BeautyLite Comfort is an innovative product with blue, yellow and red light. It can suggest and accelerate the natural healing process of the body. The light can stimulate the cell activity of fibroblasts in the skin and accelerate the production of collages and spandex cause. This anti-Aging application can lead to a taper ratio of the skin picture. The skin can appear evenly, tauter and more radiating. The red and blue light can be used effectively against acne. The blue light can often lead the red light for dying of acne and can promote the blood circulation. Inflammations can fade away so fast and the skin can regenerate itself.

Characteristics of the BeautyLite BL 100:

  • BeautyLite BL 100 is small, handy and easy to take it everywhere.
  • Items supplied: Beauty Case with integrated mirror, adapter and detailed operating instruction.
  • Duration of use approx. 15 minutes, daily to the surface of the skin. Use it twice a week.
  • The LED light penetrates into the skin deeply and doesn‘t lead to a heating like a laser application. In addition a large surface of the skin can be treated.
  • Depending upon the area of application the blue, yellow and red light can be used - also combined - and the intensity can be changed. It is easy to be used.
  • Dimensions of the equipment: 21.5 x 17.0 x 5.0 cm, weight: 680 gramm
  • Power supply: 230 - 240 V~, 50 - 60 cycles per second
  • CE indication, article number: 20200

Color of the light and application possibilities:

  • Blue light is used against acne. It can grow cell.
  • Yellow light can support in-cleaning the skin surface and the endocrine gland functions. The skin picture can become even and tauter. It can also successfully be used for the clarification of scars.
  • Red light penetrates deeply into the skin, know as Collagen. It stimulates the natural process of the skin taper ratio and improve the surface texture of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed.
Art.No.: WEDABL100

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