aXbo COUPLE WHITE Sleep Phase Alarm Clock
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aXbo COUPLE WHITE Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

Sleep Phase Alarm Clock for 2 persons. Including two sensors and two wristbands, data cable, mains adapter incl. D, AUS, GB, USA and manual. FREE Shipping for this item.
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The aXbo COUPLE WHITE Sleep Phase Alarm Clock is a revolutionary alarm clock system.
Do you often wonder why you are so tired, even though last night was not so short?
The way of waking up is very important because for many of us it also affects the moods. With the sleep phase alarm clock by aXbo you wake up pleasant and rested, because it wakes you from the most favorable sleep phase. thus, one has the feeling of being awake by itself and starts in a good mood and fit for the day.

aXbo awakens at the right moment

This sleep phase alarm clock is suitable for two persons. Very advantageous is that the second person can be woken up regardless of the first, since the aXbo Couple over two terry team bands determined seperate movement data.
The device can do even more: In addition to the alarm at the optimal time, it has the evaluation software for the movement data, an interface to the computer, and much more.

How does the sleep phase alarm clock work?

Every person sleeps differently cycles in which one is in a deep and then again in a less deep sleep phase. The time of awakening hat a direct effent on that well-being. For example, we are much less exhausted when we wake up from a nearly-awake phase. However, if you are torn from a deep sleep phase, you feel groggily and jaded all day.
As the aXbo records your body movements, it can set your optimal wake up time within the last 30 minutes befor your determine the set alarm time. The recordings of body movements are made via the soft terry wristband and are then transferred to the sleep phase alarm clock.
It can be such a good start to the day!

This results will convince you:

  • Get up easily
  • Greater feeling of well-being
  • Full productivity
  • Higher level of concentration

The application is very simple: put on the soft terry bracelet in the evening before bedtime and take of in the morning after getting up. About the bracelet, which also works as a remote control, you can turn on the light of the aXbo fpr 10 seconds, turn off the music and the activate snooze function.

The aXbo also comes with additinal features, such as an update with the latest software or new sounds.

The sleep phase alarm emits only a minimum of elecrical emissions (tranmission power approx. 0.0001W).

The innovative funcionality ensures satisfied customers in over 90 countries and has already given the aXbo a number of prizes.

Among them are:

  • Plus X Award - Innovation
  • Plus X Award - Usability
  • Plus X Award - Personal Design
  • reddot design award
  • Volvo Award - Personal Design
  • iF product design award
  • WKO/AWO Austria - Export prize

Product details

  • For ech day of the week your own wake-up time setting
  • iSnooze, wakes you in the next optimal wake-up phase (within the next 30 minutes)
  • Pleasant wake-up sounds: 6 awakening sounds Audio
  • Chillout - falling asleep - helf from nature picked up: 3 chill out sounds Audio
  • PowerNap. For the energizing short sleep free Software aXbo up2date
  • aXbo Research - unterstanding sleeping habits based on movements data. aXbo saves your data in singlse mode for about 30 days an in couple mode for about 15 days
  • 1 aXbo White
  • 2 Sensors
  • 2 Wristbands L+S
  • 1 USB Data & Power Cable
  • 1 Power supply | 3 batteries
  • Weight: 1.70 lb
  • 2 years garantee

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