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Slendertone is using EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), which also causes a tightening of the body through a strong contraction of the underlying muscles. So, EMS mimics the natural muscle movements. By sending signals between the gel electrodes in the device and the muscles, the muscles tighten and relax as in a natural way and the workout begins.

This technology is used worldwide for over 50 years in hospitals, clinics and in the physiotherapy to strengthen and rebuild muscles.

All Slendertone products run through a rigorous research and development process, that's why everyone can be sure of a high quality standard in the manufactures and at the development. All devices are produced by highest quality standards (ISO EN 60601 and ISO 13485) and has been proven in repeated clinical studies to be safe and effectiveness.

Slendertone exists since 50 years and has sold over 6.1 million products. The Slendertone offices are located in the US, UK, in France and Ireland.

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